Established back in 1999, MS Home has grown its network of design, research, and development professionals to consistently bring forth exceptional products in line with evolving standards of quality. Equipped with cutting-edge spinning and finishing technology, our aim is to furnish our clients with a dependable supply of luxuriously soft, eco-conscious textiles that stand the test of time. Renowned for our plush, sustainable fabrics, our offerings grace the showrooms of Denizli, Turkey, with pride.

At MS Home, headquartered in Denizli, Turkey, we are esteemed for our focus on crafting premium, environmentally friendly home textiles. Since our inception over two decades ago, our dedication has been unwavering in producing sustainable home textiles through the utilization of advanced spinning and finishing techniques.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a manufacturer - we are your partner in innovation. Our diligent research and development, alongside our design team, actively track industry shifts, curating customer-centric collections that reflect these trends. We tailor custom collections for clients based on their specifications and brand aspirations. Backed by decades of industry expertise, a steadfast team, and the wisdom of a family business passed down through generations, MS Home stands as your trusted ally for quality and innovation in the realm of home textiles.

Tradition in Craftsmanship.


It’s not just about quality – it’s about passion, sustainability and natural resources. Our profound respect for what we bring into this world has driven our pursuit for the creation of ethical, luxury-grade textiles.After generations of passed down knowledge and care, our love for textiles grows with every cloth born from our fibers.

Designed for you by you.


We give our clients exactly what they want, down to the thread. Our award-winning design team ensures that every product aligns with the soul and culture of your company. With a modern perspective and progressive design values, they fulfil customer desires with aesthetically pleasing, high-quality craftsmanship. Every hand-crafted design reflects the needs of our customers – whether they’re meant for a family, a CEO or a business.

From the earth.


A gift from nature – our products are 100% natural and designed to lavish the skin for years to come. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and replace fast fashion with long-lasting, ethical materials. That’s why wherever and however you use our products, they’ll always be safe and healthy for the environment. We commend our incredible staff of individuals who share our sense of commitment in the fight against unethical production practices. Our mission is to provide them with excellent support and working conditions, while empowering them to create products that matter. We ensure that all of our factories meet ISO, SEDEX and BSCI standards, so our workers receive the treatment and care they deserve.

Our Certifications

We prioritize designing products that not only meet high-quality standards but also use sustainable materials and production techniques; as well as our team's well-being. Our commitment to conscious production is backed by certifications such as OEKOTEX, BSCI, SEDEX, and GOTS.

MS is our great partner all the time..

C.C. Sourcing Manager / USA

MS is a producer of high-quality cotton fabrics and the bathrobe and towels made from them can be called as premium products.

M.S. Company Owner/ Poland

The return rate of the Coresoft toweling quality is zero. Incredible. We are very satisfied with the products.

S.M. CEO / Switzerland

We have been buying cosy robe for over 5 years now. It is light weight and quick drying, and durable enough for everyday use. It still feels soft and fluffy even after many washes.

D.E. Sourcing Manager / UK

Apart from the amazing hand feel and softness of the Corewell towel, after dozens of washes this towel keeps absorbing more and more. This is why I've decided to change all of our towels to the Corewell quality.

K.E. Head Designer/ Israel

We find in MS a reliable and a very experienced partner for Jersey products – the quality is consistent and does not fail as you can always rely on the professional output coming from many years of experience.

K.B. Buyer/ Israel

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