Hygiene, protection and freshness technology!

After every shower, sadly, towels and bathrobes stay damp and wet.
The damp and wet towels tend to create a suitable environment for bacterial growth.
With MS antibacterial silver ion technique, MS Home Textile is avoiding
the unpleasant moisture effects, bacteria.

Protection and freshness for tomorrows' textiles- with longer use.Long lasting ecological textiles are possible with MS Antibacterial, fresh textiles even at low washing temperatures- less energy and water consumption. Better CO2 balance.

Modern medical technologies are unthinkable without silver!
Our unique silver technology provides hygenic, and fresh effects
of the element silver to water-repellent and antibacterial finishes.
SILVERPLUS®, is the most intelligent and innovative manner for
home textiles to economically and ecologically enter new fresh
dimensions.Due to the triple effect mechanism of SILVERPLUS®
many odour-causing bacteria cannot adaptto the effect of silver
ions, resulting with fresh home textiles.

We are saving the source of your comfort and health with hygiene.

Economic, and ecologic solutions for long lasting home textile.

Highly innovative coating procedure for sustainable textiles!

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