harmony of cotton and microfiber at the pile

Thanks to microfiber, +Plush is highly absorbent and keeps water, providing comfort zone at bathroom for you! When the cotton side gently touches and protects your skin, microfiber provides absorbency and improves the capacity to keep water inside. With special construction process and zero twist cotton quality, it is extra soft and voluminous!

Dries faster than regular towels. Prevents the unpleasant smell for your comfort with faster drying process, this long lasting towel quality requires less frequent washing. Ecologic and sustainable with less water, energy and detergent consumption, as fast dring nature of the products avoid smells and keeps towels clean more than normal towels! +Plush is eco-friendly and produced in ethical conditions as well as all MS Home products.

We design and produce all of our products according to your specific size and detail requirements

only cotton gently touches and protects your skin!



microfiber provides absorbency, keeps water inside

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